Free Spins: The Ideal Bonus for Playing Popular Slots

As a fan of online wagering, it has never been easier to get to experience popular slots which stand out from among the rest.

And best of all, it is not only possible to try them out as part of a promotional offer, but to actually play them with a real chance of winning a cash prize. And it is all thanks to promotions such as free spins, cash, and free play offers.

Free Spins: An Introduction

free spins  bonus

Rewards in this category happen to be a particularly popular bonus type provided to registered players at online casinos.

Their purpose is to provide fans of virtual gambling with the opportunity to play on selected slots with a chance of winning real money.

These rewards are offered by betting operators on different occasions. Examples of such instances include welcome promotions, ongoing rewards or even loyalty schemes. They may be subject to specific terms and conditions such as expiry dates, wagering requirements, maximum withdrawal limits as well as limited gaming experiences.

Welcome Promotions

Quite often, newly registered clients get to receive rounds on slots as part of a welcome promotional package.

The terms and conditions, and number of rounds, and even the selected slot will depend on the establishment as well as the nature of the welcome offer in question. There are generally two types:

  • Deposit welcome offers: Under these circumstances, the opportunity to play a select slot may be offered as part of a cash reward following a deposit or a series of deposits made by a new client. For example, an online casino may offer a welcome deposit promotion of 100% for up to $300 with 100 bonus rounds on a particular slot.
  • No deposit welcome offers: Online gambling establishments which offer no deposit promotions may decide to offer free spins to their new clients rather than a cash reward. For example, a betting website may offer newcomers 40 bonus rounds on one of its popular slots.

Weekly or Monthly Promotions  free spins  bonus

The majority of top tier betting websites often provide ongoing promotions to reward regulars who make deposits to their accounts frequently.

If you happen to be a client of such an establishment, you will most likely be in a position to enjoy free spins on a weekly or monthly basis.

Such a gambling website may offer a weekly promotion of 50 bonus rounds on a particular slot every Friday, for example.

Loyalty Programs

Another feature of top tier online casinos in addition to regular promotions happens to be loyalty programs. Betting websites that run them use these schemes as a means to reward clients who spend regularly, in addition to their ongoing promotions.

Quite frequently, loyalty programs consist of different levels which can be attained by accumulating comp points, issued when you make a deposit. Opting for a loyalty scheme may mean you can also get to enjoy free spins in addition to those which may already be provided as ongoing rewards at your virtual casino.

More impressively, the number you get to enjoy may even increase as you accumulate more points and are promoted to higher levels within the scheme.